Michigan History Day

Well, I’m already behind on my goal for at least one post a week, but I promise this blog is not going anywhere. I have several drafts going, but each needs key information and/or photographs that I have yet to get.

Meanwhile, I just signed up to be a judge for Michigan History Day, which is the state final for National History Day. Two years ago, I was a judge for the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) History Day and it was a lot of fun. Students create papers, exhibits, documentaries, performances, or websites on a topic of their choice related to the year’s theme, which is “Leadership and Legacy in History” this year. The kids are enthusiastic about their projects and create a lot of good work. Better than I ever did in high school. As a judge, you get to ask questions, offer advice, and help shape young minds.

If you are in Michigan and have an interest in history – sign up! This year’s state finals are April 25 in Dewitt, MI. If you’re not in Michigan, your state probably has a history day competition that needs volunteers, too!


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